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Trailer BlueBook Value
How can I get a trailer value?
 Trailer Blue Book is a subscription-based service.  You will need to register/login to access the area where you can then submit trailer make/model to get valuations.  We offer three subscription levels to the consumer.

Current Registration Pricing:
$9.99 - A 24-hour, single-user usage for the general public;
$29.99 - A 30-day, single-user subscription for retail and finance institutions;
$300.00 - Annual subscription fee, which includes up to 4 users, is ideal for financial institutions and governmental usage.
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Do you offer a printable valuation?
Yes. Once you submit the trailer you are looking for, we offer a "Printable Version but you must specify you need a printable version" & you will recieve a professional printable estimate which can be emailed or faxed to you.
Please contact us to see if we can obtain a value for you.
How do you obtain values? 
Prices are derived from the BTSLLC, retail/dealer input, actual sales records, & 30 years of compiled data. Depreciated values are subject to change based on several market factors including manufacturer viablility, brand presence, and durability. Older model pricing is much more variable - subject to trailer condition.
What values are provided?
Prices provided include base BTSLLC, Avg Retail, Wholesale, the ability to get fast reliable & accurate trailer value's based on real data collected for more than 30 years.
trailerbluebookvalue.com is not responsible for any disagreement between provided service & claims filed on pending or completed insurace payouts.
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