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Please be advised that we have many replies to respond to and our site is still under construction. If you are in the market for a new or used chipvan, log trailer lowboy, detach,  scrap trailer, Alum or Steel end dumps . PLEASE CALL (318) 347-1304

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The Trailer Business is a constantly changing,  with all the problems our economy is facing. People are scared to spend money and are down sizing to smaller family  owned operations. Passing own from one generation to the next, it seems we are in a transitioning phase as the babyboomers try and pull the next generaation up to the plate we are now facing problems with manuel labor jobs such as; skilled machinics, welders, fitters. With the rise of internet business's,tax's, and inflation people have turned to more inventive ways to stay at home & make money.
Over the years of being directly involed in the trailer buisness, buying and selling trailers has given us an edge that we want to share with the world.
Three generations of trailer knowledge that has been passed down from my great grandfather Harlon Blackmon. He worked at Nabors Trailers as a parts guy and soon worked his way to the top with his honest aproach at sales. He was top salesmen before long and just as things were going good they closed the doors and he saw an oppurtunity for an open market and jumped on it. First buy Nabor's phone number 318-872-3131. Then he started his own business Blackmon Trailer Sales which is still a thriving trailer business stocking hundreds of log trailers chipvans & end dumps has always strived to the best and treat everyone with the same respect. Even when there is no money to be made and someone just needs to know how much their trailer may be worth.
Insurance Adgents, owner operators. indepentent salemen... call trailer dealers hoping they will find someone kind enough to take 5 minutes from their busy life to help them get a value on a wrecked or old trailer.
That's where we come in! Over the years we have successfully recorded every transaction on to paper, from every estimate to every sale and have compiled that imformation to make your job or goals one step easier. Creating the first ever Trialer BlueBook.  We are slowing trying to make changes to help create a more effective market in the trailer business Our main focus is Chip vans, Log Trialers,  Live Bottoms, End dumps (Alum & Steel) Flat Bed, Lowboys & Detach Trailers. Please have Model, Make, Suspentions type ( Air ride, Single point or four spring
Now you are ready to get started and use our services.  If you read the What We Have To Offer
 then you know that you can choose from 3 options . If  you are in the trailer business or insurance business then you will most likely be using the Trailer BlueBook Value more than once a month then you can choose to subcribtion and can have full access & get as many estimates as you need during that month,  this fee will be  $29.99 per month. If you do not plan to use Trailer BlueBookValue but one time you can get any trailer estimates per each for 9.99 per estimate the more information provided the better.
trailerbluebookvalue.com is not responsible for any disagreement between provided service & claims filed on pending or completed insurace payouts.
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